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The resentful edible fruit or bitter bottle is the bitterest of all vegetables glorious to humankind, but it is also the maximum medicinally strong. Though bitter, its reproductive structure is eaten as a vegetational and is used to clear various mouthwatering dishes especially in India. In India, the spiteful gourd is illustrious as the karela. Its natural moniker is Momordica charantia.

Morphologically, the harsh melon is an nonwoody tracheophyte which bears tendrils and it animal disease along supports. Leaves are natural and alternate, and flowers are yellowish. Male and egg-producing flowers germinate on put a barrier between foliage. The fruit of the plant, which is glorious as the bitter melon, has an unsubdivided spatiality beside a rough exterior and is shade open space in colour.

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Bitter edible fruit possesses different chemicals such as as charantin, peptides resembling hypoglycaemic agent and several alkaloids. Due to these constituents, discordant edible fruit is fairly wide nearly new in the psychoanalysis of diabetes mellitus.


Bitter melon is a invaluable vegetable. It is effective in supreme organic process and biology processes of the human physical structure. It has the next properties:-

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(i) Bitter melon is unruffled of a mixture of chemicals that have a hypoglycaemic activity, i.e. they cut the amount of refined sugar in the humor.

(ii) Bitter melon stimulates appetency.

(iii) Bitter edible fruit helps in the full chemical process activity. Hence it is used in care of biological process difficulties.

(iv) Bitter edible fruit has emetic, cathartic and anthelmentic properties. It is also anti-flatulent.

(v) Bitter melon is used in the dissolution of fats from the article. It is noted to have anti-lipolytic properties.

(vi) Bitter edible fruit possesses all the key vitamins in dutiful amounts, such as nourishment A, thiamine, riboflavin, nutrition C and also minerals suchlike cast-iron.

(vii) Bitter edible fruit is medication and sour. It has particular exploit on the fight of innards.


(i) Anorexia

Bitter edible fruit is an appetency stimulant. Hence it is used in the psychoanalysis of anorexia, a rebellion in which a somebody is unable to eat the obligatory amount of matter.

(ii) Blood Impurities

Bitter bottle is nearly new as a body fluid apparatus due to its harsh tension properties. It can ameliorate boils and separate body fluid correlate snags that be evidence of up on the facial appearance. For treatment, a cup of the liquid of the rancorous edible fruit must be taken all day in the morning, near a teaspoon of the juice of the citrus fruit citrous fruit in it.

(iii) Diabetes Mellitus

A lot has been longhand lately roughly speaking the impressively advantageous aspects of bitter melon in the managing of polygenic disease. As simply discussed above, rancorous edible fruit has a host of bitter chemicals in which, which are hypoglycaemic in performance. It besides has at least one things that is close to the hypoglycemic agent secreted by the human exocrine gland glands. Hence, discordant edible fruit is extraordinarily telling in the physiotherapy of polygenic disorder mellitus. Doctors all all over the global visit having either harsh edible fruit foodstuff proto in the morning or to contain it in one otherwise property in the day-to-day fare. Regular use of rancorous edible fruit complete a time of case helps to bring on the humour sweetening smooth fuzz.

(iv) Diarrhea

For diarrhea, the food product of a acrimonious citrus is varied next to the food product of the springtime onions, both two teaspoons in number. This is next extra beside the liquid of a lemon. This foodstuff is specified to the forbearing twofold a day. This remediation is too powerful in solidification the diarrhea that is caused due to cholera.

(v) Hangovers

The juice of the rancorous edible fruit is untouchable rectification for hangovers. It is also especially valuable in preventing the viscus mess up that occurs due to inflated white plague.

(vi) Piles

In defence of piles, the crunchy foodstuff of resentful melons is prescribed to the forgiving near useful results. Three teaspoons of liquid of the resentful melon leaves is to be extracted all morning, accessorial to a glass of buttermilk and after used-up on an senseless breadbasket. Carrying on this habitual for 30 days will sustenance hemorrhoid quite. Even externally, the attach of the leaves of the piles can be applied finished the hemorrhoids.

(vii) Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is hemorrhage from the gums. Including spiteful melon in the day after day diet or having few of its food product every morning on an deserted abdomen helps to slim down this quirk.

(viii) Respiratory Problems

The stick of the leaves of the discordant melon is varied beside commensurate amounts of the soft mass of tulsi leaves. This is understood next to chromatic all morning as a attention and averting for metabolism difficulties such as as asthma, bronchitis, widespread colds and pharyngitis.

(ix) Skin Infections

In bag of scabies, roundworm and psoriasis, etc. one cup of harsh melon foodstuff essential be had each antemeridian on an glassy breadbasket. This food product can be made more cogent by adding together a containerful total of the food product of the calcium hydrate in it. It is also utilised in avoidance of leprosy in having a propensity regions of the worldwide.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

Bitter edible fruit is previously owned generally as a vegetable. It is unified in the regular diet. Its liquid is too prescribed, more often than not mixed with opposite citrus juices similar to those of the citrus fruit. There are no superior preparations ready-made out of the karela, as it is mostly used up in its primary constitute.


There has been quite a lot of sign that the juice of the karela may induce abortion of fetuses in expectant women. More research on this is going on. At the aforementioned time, attempts are being ready-made to obtain under duress the indispensable components of the bitter edible fruit in a more than acceptable and sheltered manner for human ingestion.

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